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International Cross Border Transactions WEBINAR

Thursday, April 20 12:00pm - 2:00pm PDT

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2.0 Credits

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Please join us for an introductory course in international cross border transactions. We will discuss typical situations in which a cross-border transaction arises, and how a taxpayer can utilize the rules to potentially decrease an entities effective tax rate. Other issues, such as documentation and IRS audit risk will also be covered. These rules will be illustrated by a hypothetical US-Canada transaction. Ideal for CPAs, EAs and other tax preparers.


A basic framework of the different ways companies transact business in different countries and the resulting tax implications. The basic premises of cross-border tax planning and the techniques used to reduce an organization’s effective tax rate. Real-life examples drawn from the speaker’s extensive experience as a tax practitioner working for large multi-national companies.



Designed For

CPAs, EAs and other tax preparers.


Identify a cross border transaction and be able to discuss potential implications. . Determine potential audit risks involved with cross border transactions. Explain the role of competent authority, advanced pricing agreements and other alternative methods in reducing audit risk. Understand the types of contemporaneous documentation needed. Apply these principles in order to decrease and entity’s effective tax rate.






  • Allison McLeod

Non-Member Price $99.00

Member Price $79.00