Finding New Unity in Diversity: Overview WEBCAST

Sunday, July 3 7:00am - 8:00am PDT

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Today is the day you create a more equitable and inclusive workplace through a better understanding of our changing world and your place in it. In the last two years at work, we have seen massive shifts in the workplace, demographically and interpersonally. These changes are on a rapid curve for change between 2020 and 2025. CPAs and their clients can immediately use this framework to expand understanding between people coming from different perspectives and experiences. This learning can be used to increase resilience and aptitude for change, grow engagement at work, and allow for better relationships between people who work together. This course utilizes the work and research of Robert Kegan, Bob Anderson, Amanda Blake and many other organizational strategists and psychologists. The Overview session gives you a general understanding and the workshops following offer deeper dives with specific examples and context.


Diversity, inclusion and equity. Individual leadership development. Team leadership development. Change management. Emotional intelligence. Conflict management.



Designed For

CPAs. Line managers. Directors. Senior leaders.


Identify their own leadership challenges and biases. Recognize the value of understanding self and others for greater inclusion. Estimate the change readiness of their organization. Recognize the basics of emotional intelligence. Select a plan for change step-by-step.






  • Courtney Feider

Non-Member Price $76.00

Member Price $65.00