Cannabis Law Primer: CPA, Accounting and Finance Edition WEBCAST

Thursday, July 14 10:00am - 11:00am PDT

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1.0 Credits

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The course will provide an overview of the various tax, banking, and investment-related legal issues relevant to finance professionals, including unique federal tax provisions applicable to marijuana-related businesses, federal laws preventing access to banking and other traditional financial services, and challenges associated with marijuana-related securities offerings. The course is an excellent introduction to the unique legal issues presented by conflicting federal-state marijuana laws with a specific focus on legal issues relevant to finance professionals.


Overview of federal tax, banking, and investment challenges unique to cannabis industry. Identification of legal, regulatory, and policy challenges for medical and recreational cannabis states. Discussion of complex legal issues presented by conflicting federal-state law with particular focus on issues relevant to finance professionals in the private and public sector.



Designed For

CPAs. Accounting and finance professionals.


Identify federal tax law provisions applicable to marijuana-related businesses. Identify investment challenges associated with securities offerings in cannabis industry. Recognize legal issues applicable to banks, credit unions, and other institutions providing financial services to marijuana-related businesses. Identify the complex legal issues presented by conflicting federal-state law.






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Non-Member Price $76.00

Member Price $65.00