Accounting for Digital Assets Under US GAAP, Part II WEBCAST

Wednesday, August 3 7:00am - 8:30am PDT

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Guidance on how to account for digital assets. Accounting for stablecoins may not be stable: Though the use of digital assets is rapidly expanding, accounting guidance has not kept pace. As a result, accounting for digital assets can feel shaky. This webcast can help you answer the question of what to do when you or your client accounts for stablecoins. You’ll be helped to understand how to account for other transactions and investments involving crypto and digital assets under U.S. GAAP.


Guidance on how to account for digital assets. Fair value of digital assets under FASB ASC 820. Accounting for stablecoins. Specialized industry practice for digital asset accounting.



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Public accounting professionals. Management accountants. Consultants with financial clients. Financial services professionals.


Recall guidance on how to account for digital assets under U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Determine how reporting entities that apply specialized industry guidance should account for their involvement with digital assets. Identify factors that affect the fair value measurement of digital assets under FASB ASC 820. Determine how stablecoins are accounted for under GAAP.






  • Sean Prince

Non-Member Price $109.00

Member Price $87.00