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Accounting for Digital Assets Under US GAAP WEBCAST

Tuesday, April 11 6:00am - 7:00am PDT

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1.0 Credits

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What is a digital asset and how does US GAAP apply? This webcast will provide you with an understanding of how to account for investments in, or transactions involving, crypto assets (for example, bitcoin) and other digital assets under US GAAP.


Brief overview of digital assets. How to account for investments in crypto assets, like bitcoin. How to account for the receipt of digital assets when received as consideration from a contract with a customer. How to apply the intangible asset accounting model to holdings of digital assets.



Designed For

Accounting and finance professionals who need to know how to account for crypto and digital assets.


Recognize how US GAAP applies to investments in, and transactions involving crypto assets. Identify factors to Use in the analysis of ownership of a digital asset. Recall the efforts of the AICPA to provide further guidance on how to account for digital assets under US GAAP.






  • Sean Prince

Non-Member Price $76.00

Member Price $65.00