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Character and Trust: Without Them is Like Exploring a Cave Without Proper Lighting, the Footing is Treacherous WEB

Wednesday, May 17
10:00am - 12:30pm PDT

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2.5 Credits

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This course is based on the premise that one typically hires for competence but fires for character. This course focuses on the character and trustworthiness of the individual. The course takes you through critical attributes of character and provides for gaining self-awareness of where one stands in their character through a key exercise. The emphasis is also on trust, a critical ingredient to successful relationship management. Several tools and approaches are discussed in the course that will assist and guide the individual in effectively evaluating the trustworthiness of themselves or others, including bosses, direct reports, peers.


Character definition. Critical character attributes. Character self-awareness. Additional character identification techniques. Trust definitions. Waves of trust. Four cores of trust. Toxic trust and antibiotics.



Designed For

All professionals.


Gain a better understanding of critical attributes of character. Gain self-awareness of one’s own character. Learn an approach in evaluating the character of an individual. Learn various levels of trust (from individual to societal). Understand the types of trust. Learn an approach to ascertaining the trustworthiness of you and others. Learn what a toxic trust environment looks like. Learn an antibiotic to deal with the toxic trust. Effectively develop people and minimize the adverse consequences.






Leader Bios

Mario Flores

Mario Flores is the founder and President of Top Notch Coaching, LLC, an executive and professional business coaching company specializing in Leadership Coaching for the Financial Executive and Financial Professional. Mario worked his way up the corporate ladder from the mailroom to executive level in Verizon/GTE, a Top 20 Fortune Company. He worked for over 36 years with Verizon/GTE with over 18 years at the Executive Leadership Level in Finance and Operations. Mario has excellent business acumen developed through a career that systematically evolved from professional discipline to business leader. His professional evolution is rooted in strong financial fundamentals in Accounting, Regulatory, Financial Planning as well as business fundamentals in Business Analysis, Supply Chain Management, Retail Markets and Operations. He has served in major, nationwide executive leadership roles as Executive Director-Equipment Resource Services, in Supply Chain Services and as a Director in Accounting, Finance, Financial Planning and Business Analysis in the Finance Organization. As an executive, Mario has acquired a broad range of financial and nonfinancial experiences over this four decade period in a dynamic telecommunications industry that evolved from a telephone company to an entertainment and broadband wire line, wireless and video company.

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Non-Member Price $119.00

Member Price $89.00