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Tips on Dealing with Revenue Officers for Unpaid Payroll Taxes WEBCAST

Wednesday, May 17
12:30pm - 1:30pm PDT

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Learn about what exactly revenue officers do and how they work their cases. Learn how the IRS collects payroll tax, and review IRS civil and criminal enforcement procedures.


IRS collections process. Field collections assignments. FTD Alerts Programs. In-business repeaters. Pyramiding taxpayers. Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. Liability for 3rd party paying wages. Civil and criminal enforcement.


Basic tax and tax fraud understanding.

Designed For

CPAs with clients who are facing high-stake payroll tax issues.


Understand how the IRS enforces payroll tax collections and how Revenue Officers work their cases. Understand the Civil and Criminal enforcement procedures.






Leader Bios

Venar Ayar

Venar Ayar is an award-winning tax attorney in the field of Tax Law. He has a Master of Laws in Taxation – the highest degree available in tax, held by only a small number of the country’s attorneys.

Mr. Ayar and his team at Ayar Law are truly competent and ethical tax lawyers who know how things actually work at the IRS. Tax law is all they do. They can favorably resolve clients’ personal or business tax problems – anything from back taxes, audits, bank levies, or tax liens.

Mr. Ayar himself has represented people from all walks of life, from tax preparers to self-employed business owners, and defended their rights as citizens. Helping people resolve their tax problems and sharing his knowledge with other professionals are his passions.

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Non-Member Price $59.00

Member Price $39.00