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Excel Essentials for Today's Accountant: How To Become an Expert in One Day WEBCAST


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4.0 Credits

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This course explores the increasingly complex features of Excel that facilitate efficient data analysis. We will introduce numerous analytical methods and techniques by using practical examples to illustrate how to unleash the power of Excel when manipulating, analyzing and reporting information and dive into the powerful, but potentially under-utilized, capabilities of Microsoft Excel. Designed for sophisticated users willing to approach spreadsheets from a unique perspective, this course encourages users to challenge the status quo by considering opportunities to take acceptable spreadsheets to a new level.


Using formulas to manipulate and transform data. Using formulas and reference formulas. Using pivot tables. Understanding Solver to perform multivariate analysis. Awareness of advanced functions. Creative methods for data manipulation. Using intellectual curiosity and professional skepticism to develop a problem-solving mentality. Real-life examples of innovative ways to analyze and report data with Excel. Using Excel to perform e-mail merges. Enhance creativity in your approach to developing Excel models.


A high level of proficiency with Microsoft Excel.

Designed For

Practitioners, members in industry and other accounting professionals a better understanding of the advanced features of Microsoft Excel.


Apply a variety of advanced formulas to analyze and manipulate data. Identify solutions to data analysis problems. Identify how Excel can be used as a tool to address data analysis problems you encounter in your professional and personal endeavors. Evaluate lesser-known but powerful Excel functions. Assess your mindset of professional skepticism that helps you explore the edges of Excel’s capabilities.






  • Chris Harper, CPA Crossings LLC

Non-Member Price $159.00

Member Price $129.00