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CFO - Staying Ahead in a Dynamic Economy WEBCAST


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8.0 Credits

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This four-topic event focuses on skills that will help you and your organization become more effective dealing with risk, fraud, cybersecurity, mergers, and acquisitions, and effectively preparing for a new professional role. We cannot fall behind in a dynamic environment.


Cybersecurity for the CFO - Ransomware and Beyond Identifying weaknesses within your cybersecurity. What are some of the more common threats? Understand your most vulnerable risk - your employees, including you. Is an IT Disaster Recovery plan sufficient? The pros and cons of the cloud. Detecting Internal Fraud - Expect the Unexpected Two-thirds of small businesses will experience some form of employee fraud according to the Better Business Bureau. 30% of business failures result from employee fraud. We discuss common frauds and fraudsters and identify realistic ways for businesses to take steps to prevent becoming the next victim. Mergers and Acquisitions - Tips and Speed Bumps to Avoid Despite the great initial promise of many mergers and alliances, few seem to yield the anticipated results. Numerous studies indicate that between 55% and 77% of mergers fail to accomplish their intended purpose. Learn how to identify, execute, and consummate mergers and acquisitions that create shareholder value while avoiding the many traps that can cause post-acquisition failure. Transition Smoothly in Business- Success and Fun in Your New Role. Every professional will change roles many times. How do you transition smoothly and understand those who you will work with? How do I fit in? How do I learn what to do and what not to do? We will prepare you on how to move on and be successful!


At least six months of professional financial statement analysis experience, or at least six credit hours of corporate finance classwork at an accredited university.

Designed For

Any professional interested in understanding career transitions and generational differences, including new employees.


Understanding the risks of cyber-crime. Better understanding of an organization’s risk profile. How to enhance data security. Identifying a business’ fraud risk profile. Creating meaningful Internal Controls and monitoring those controls. Identifying the key considerations when exploring mergers as a tactic to achieve strategic objectives. Understanding some of the key issues to consider when utilizing mergers. Learning how to fit in and become productive in a new environment. Recognize and accept generational differences and how to address differing lifestyle choices in the workplace.






Leader Bios

Robert Berry, The Knowledge Institute, LLC

Robert is a Certified Public Accountant who actually likes people more than he does numbers. With more than 20 years in the risk, audit, and compliance sector, he is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, author and podcast host. His most recent book, Ask, Get, Perform: The Auditors Essential Guide to Asking Better Questions, Getting Better Answers, and Performing Better Audits, is changing the way auditors build relationships with clients.

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Non-Member Price $310.00

Member Price $260.00