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New Manager Series: Next Level Conversations, Next Level Results 2023 WEBCAST


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2.0 Credits

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Take a deeper dive into the keys to becoming a more effective leader. In this course, attendees will learn how to enhance their interactions with their team members to improve accountability, trust, ownership and results. Adding coaching to your leadership toolkit allows you to take the conversations you’re already having with your team members to the next level. Start having conversations that enhance engagement, generate buy-in, gain alignment on goals and timelines and create a foundation to hold people accountable. These tools will help you to build confidence and effectiveness in one-on-one meetings.


Leadership development.


Basic leadership knowledge.

Designed For

Emerging leaders, managers, supervisors and team leaders.


Recognize the difference between traditional management, leadership, coaching and mentoring and when each is appropriate. Identify opportunities to use coaching conversations to build relationships, trust, engagement and to enhance results. Determine your next steps to build confidence and effectiveness in one-on-one meetings with your team.






  • Erin Daiber, California CPA Education Foundation

Non-Member Price $119.00

Member Price $89.00