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Member Exclusive: From Passion to Purpose: How CPAs Can Make a Difference Through Volunteerism WEBINAR


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Have you wondered how to find a cause you are passionate about and how you can leverage your skills to make a difference? Join us for a panel discussion featuring prominent CPAs who have turned their passions into pursuits through volunteerism. Our panelists will share their experiences getting involved with non-profit organizations, the skills they bring to the table as CPAs, and how giving back has enhanced both their personal and professional development. Whether you are a new CPA looking to make a difference or an experienced professional seeking to take your volunteerism to the next level, this course will provide valuable insights and practical advice on how to turn your passion into purpose through volunteerism.


Valuable insights and practical advice on how to turn your passion into purpose through volunteerism.



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New CPAs looking to make a difference. Experienced professionals seeking to take their volunteerism to the next level.


Learn how to turn passions into pursuits through volunteerism.





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Leader Bios

Monette Anderson, VP of Member Services & Education, Washington Society of CPAs

Monette Anderson, a Certified Association Executive (CAE) since 2021, brings a wealth of program management experience in the non-profit sector to her roles at the WSCPA and the WA CPA Foundation. With over 20 years of expertise gained from esteemed organizations like PBS and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Monette currently serves as the Vice President of Member Services and Education for the WSCPA and Executive Director of the WA CPA Foundation. Monette oversees annual scholarship awards exceeding $500,000 and manages a grant program aimed at fostering diversity and equity within the accounting pipeline. Monette’s dedicated efforts in promoting diversity and spearheading association innovation are further underscored by her role as President Elect for the Washington Society of Association Excellence (WSAE).

Monette’s professional endeavors are driven by her unwavering commitment to building stronger, more inclusive communities within the accounting and association industries.Proficient in communication, Monette has offered practical insights to WSCPA members through her public speaking engagements and written articles, aiming to provide continuous educational value and community support.

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