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Americans who want to be their own boss are not entirely on their own. They have a rich uncle - Uncle Sam - who is there to help, as well as to make demands. The nation’s business taxation laws are intended to encourage people to start new businesses and are chock full of incentives and tax breaks, as well as sometimes onerous reporting requirements. This course is a fast-paced and entertaining guide through tax issues affecting business entities and their owners. The focus of this class is on tax devices and techniques available to the small-business owner. Emphasis will be given to operational deductions, fringe benefits, compensation, family income splitting, retirement plans, and estate planning.


Structure, Reporting and Accounting. Business Income, Credits and Assets. Selected Business Expenses. Employee Compensation and Benefits. Automobiles. Business Travel and Entertainment. Retirement Plans. Insurance. Estate Planning.



Designed For

CPAs, financial professionals, enrolled agents and attorneys.


Recognize sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations as organizational formats for new and existing businesses. Identify how choice of entity relates to the type of records to keep, listing issues related to substantiation and documentation. Specify available accounting periods and methods and the methods for identifying and valuing inventory items. Identify the various types of income and their implications, including the hidden income tax dangers of cancellation of indebtedness income, tax recoveries, and depreciation recapture. Specify the existing basic business and investment tax credits, naming their tax requirements, and business asset types that affect the character of gain or loss, and recognize the tax treatment on the disposition of business assets, including non-recognition transfers and Section 1231 assets, and more.






Leader Bios

Danny Santucci, Western CPE

Danny Santucci, BA, JD, is a prolific author of tax and financial books and articles. His legal career started with the business and litigation firm of Edwards, Edwards, and Ashton. Later he joined the Century City entertainment firm of Bushkin, Gaims, Gaines, and Jonas working for many well-known celebrities. In 1980, Danny established the law firm of Santucci, Potter, and Leanders in Irvine, California. With increasing lecture and writing commitments, Danny went into sole practice in 1995. His practice emphasizes business taxation, real estate law, and estate planning. Speaking to more than 100 groups nationally each year, he is known for spicing up his extensive expertise with an incredible sense of humor.

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Non-Member Price $552.00

Member Price $480.00