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Personal Financial Planning For The Sophisticated CPA FLEXCAST

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CPAs are increasingly assisting their clients in developing personal financial planning strategies when preparing for the many uncertainties of a client’s life. In this course, you will learn a high-level, three-pronged approach to identifying and evaluating each client’s situation, determining the weaknesses and exposures that could exist for the client, and helping to implement sound financial planning recommendations to ensure that the client is following a very specific, tailor-made financial plan. Course presenter Jeff Rattiner will identify a unique approach for providing personal financial planning, which will elevate your services whether you’re performing the tasks yourself or supervising others. Advanced subject matter to be discussed includes understanding and following the personal financial planning process, as well as each of the key financial planning disciplines, including cash flow management, insurance, investments, retirement, estate, and education. Within each discipline, a technical review involving client exposures and recommendations will be discussed. Lastly, this course will help the CPA analyze the income tax return based on the financial planning issues of the client. This course is certain to sharpen your skills in financial planning so that you can effectively respond to the unique and demanding situations in which your clients find themselves.


Personal Financial Planning. Insurance Issues. Selecting Insurance Companies.



Designed For

CPAs, financial professionals, enrolled agents and attorneys.


Identify a comprehensive and dynamic financial-planning process that can be implemented for clients in any financial situation. Determine how to diagnose, evaluate, and propose solutions to client issues. Discuss personal financial planning and all its subcomponents. Recognize how to incorporate tax planning strategies when addressing and evaluating financial planning issues. Identify how to analyze, evaluate, navigate, and recommend practical solutions to complex planning dilemmas. Recognize the financial planning ramifications when using Form 1040.




This is a FlexCast (no exam required) and may be viewed only Monday - Saturday, 5am - 5pm PT. You may take up to one year from the date of purchase to complete the course. Pause your FlexCast and resume at a convenient day during the hours above. Partial credit for 2+ credit courses: If you are unable to complete the course in one sitting, partial credit can be awarded (minimum of one credit). To earn the remaining credits, you must return later and start the course from the beginning. Use chat to ask questions of a subject matter expert during the program.


Leader Bios

Jeffrey Rattiner, JR Financial Group Inc

Jeffrey Rattiner is president and CEO of the JR Financial Group, Inc. which is a multi-purpose firm serving the financial services industry. Jeffrey provides income tax and financial planning and money management services to consumers. HE is the founder of the nationwide Financial Planning Fast Track® educational programs that train advisors to become Certified Financial Planner licensees in an accelerated alternative format. Mr. Rattiner has authored Rattiner’s Review for the CFP Certification Examination Fast Track Study Guide, Rattiner’s Financial Planner’s Bible for John While & Sons, Adding Personal Financial Planning to Your Practice for American Management Association, and Personal Financial Planning Library for Harcourt Professional Publishing. He is also a monthly columnist for Financial Planning Magazine. Mr. Rattiner has served in director capacities in several industry organizations including the Institute of Certified Financial Planners, and the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards in Denver, CO. and the Personal Financial Planning Division of the AICPA in New Your City.

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Non-Member Price $282.00

Member Price $245.00