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Becoming a Fraud Investigator WEBINAR


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2.0 Credits

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The course helps the forensic accountant prepare to perform a fraud investigation. We discuss occupational fraud schemes and their characteristics, and how to spot a fraud in progress. You will learn the skills a fraud investigator needs for successful investigations, as well as how to plan and prepare for a fraud investigation. This is the most practical fraud investigation course you will ever take. Rather than learning only the theory of fraud, you will learn how a forensic accountant actually investigates fraud from the beginning to the end. We focus on forensic accounting techniques used in the field to prove what happened, who was involved, how much money was stolen, and where the money went.


Core concepts of fraud. Common workplace fraud schemes. Red flags of occupational fraud. Evaluating fraud tips. Skills of a fraud investigator. Planning the fraud investigation. Budgets, fees, and engagement letters.


General knowledge of fraud investigations.

Designed For

Anyone who wants to learn how to do financial fraud investigations.


Know the three types of occupational fraud schemes. Recognize common red flags of workplace fraud. Identify the skills necessary to be a successful fraud investigator. Know the key administrative tasks at the start of a fraud investigation. Understand how to prepare for a fraud investigation.






  • Tracy Coenen, CPA Crossings LLC

Non-Member Price $109.00

Member Price $89.00