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CFO Series: Innovation for Continued Success WEBINAR


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Disruptive innovation has ended many businesses and led others to take their place. Learn why previously successful companies failed to innovate. We will discuss the four types of innovation that can lead to success and learn why and how our expectations can help or hinder innovation. We will discuss strategies to encourage innovation and how an enterprise can structure its activities to foster innovation. Successful organizations thrive, while organizations that do not innovate are on the path leading elsewhere.


What are the consequences of failing to innovate? What do innovative companies have in common? Four types of Innovation. Clayton Christensen’s view of innovation. How accounting impacts innovation. Strategies for successful innovation. Structuring an organization to create and benefit from innovation.


At least six months of professional financial statement analysis experience.

Designed For

CEOs, Corporate Financial Leaders, CPAs, business owners, Corporate Financial Managers, entrepreneurs, CFOs, Controllers, Accountants, Board members, advisors, Consultants and CPAs in public. Professionals who want to understand the advantages of organizations that embrace innovation.


Determine why innovation is vital to long term success. Distinguish our key role in creating an innovative organization.






Leader Bios

Brian Maturi, The Knowledge Institute, LLC

Brian Maturi, MBA, CA has over 35 years’ financial management experience in the UK and US, including five years with Deloitte Touche and over 20 years with BorgWarner, Inc. where he was a divisional VP-Finance and Corporate Director of Risk Management. His favorite topics include ERM, management accounting and currency, commodity and interest rate hedging. Brian holds a bachelor’s in Economics, an MBA and is an English Institute of Chartered Accountants fellow.

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Non-Member Price $109.00

Member Price $89.00