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Reporting the Results of a Fraud Investigation WEBINAR


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2.0 Credits

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This course focuses on concluding a fraud examination and participating in court activity. You will learn how to draft an effective written report on a fraud investigation, including exhibits and visual aids that will help make your case. We will discuss common questions asked of financial experts and techniques for successfully testifying at deposition and trial. This is the most practical fraud investigation course you will ever take. Rather than learning only the theory of fraud, you will learn how a forensic accountant actually investigates fraud from the beginning to the end. We focus on forensic accounting techniques used in the field to prove what happened, who was involved, how much money was stolen, and where the money went.


Written reports and supporting documentation. Methods of presenting evidence to help non-accountants understand the numbers. Evaluating reports of opposing experts. Responding to a motion in limine or Daubert challenge as an expert witness. Common lines of questioning for financial experts. Preparing for deposition and trial. Effectively testifying at deposition and trial.


General knowledge of fraud investigations.

Designed For

Anyone who wants to learn how to do financial fraud investigations.


Write an effective report on the results of a fraud investigation. Present evidence effectively with visual aids. Respond to a motion in limine or Daubert challenge. Know how to testify effectively at deposition and trial.






  • Tracy Coenen, CPA Crossings LLC

Non-Member Price $109.00

Member Price $89.00