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Bitcoin Fundamentals - What Every CPA Should Know WEBINAR


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After more than 10 years in the marketplace, Bitcoin has been firmly planted in the global financial system as the de facto leader in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin is no longer looked at as a mystical concept of money made of pixie dust. Bitcoin has evolved to be a major force in the financial technology (FinTech) industry. With the collapse of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, among others, it is important to understand how Bitcoin separates itself from all the other alternative cryptocurrencies, aka alt coins, as well as how you can protect your Bitcoin investment from these exchange collapses. As a CPA advising your clients on financial matters, it is imperative that you have a fundamental understanding of Bitcoin and how it all works and what distinguishes it from all the other cryptocurrencies. This course provides you with a solid base of Bitcoin knowledge so that you will be confident in having those client conversations, as well as participating in the Bitcoin ecosystem, including current tax implications.


The evolution of money: barter, gold, paper, digital, cryptocurrency. History of Bitcoin, how it originated and evolved to where it is today. How Bitcoin works: origin, network, nodes, miners, transactions and the blockchain ledger. Participating in the Bitcoin network: procuring, spending, accepting and storing Bitcoin. Understanding the role of cryptocurrency exchanges and the collapse of FTX. Introduction to Ethereum, a substantial alternative to Bitcoin. Income tax implications of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.



Designed For

Anyone who is interested in the future of digital money or wants to participate in Bitcoin.


Recognize the impact that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are having on the global monetary ecosystem. Identify the components of the Bitcoin ecosystem and how they all work together as a global crypto currency. Recognize how you can participate in the Bitcoin ecosystem .






Leader Bios

John Higgins, CPA, CITP, Stragetic Advisor, CPA Crossings LLC

John Higgins, CPA, CITP, is Strategic Technology Advisor, and co-founder of CPA Crossings, LLC, , which since 2001 has specialized in helping accounting, tax and financial professionals leverage technology to increase the quality and efficiency of their services. In 2017, John launched the company’s Office 365 Learning Center for CPAs which offers a curriculum of over 50 unique courses covering every aspect of Office 365. John is a nationally recognized speaker on CPA technology, past chair of the Michigan Association of CPAs, former national consulting partner with BDO, LLP, and co-author of 10 Steps to a Digital Practice in the Cloud, published by the AICPA. He was awarded the Top 25 Thought Leader award by the CPA Practice Advisor (2011 – 2017), and the Michigan Association of CPAs Innovative User of Technology award, and is an AICPA Business & Industry CPA Hall of Fame inductee.

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Non-Member Price $119.00

Member Price $99.00