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IRS Best Practices for Mitigating the TFRP WEBINAR


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You are probably somewhat familiar with the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty or TFRP. This is a civil process that asserts the employee portion (Social Security, Medicare, and Federal income taxes withheld) of delinquent payroll taxes against business owners and other individuals. The IRS has wide discretion in asserting the TFRP, but did you know that there are certain strategies you can adopt to help mitigate the TFRP, both pre-and-post assessment? This course will focus on trust fund issues, along with pre-planning strategies, appealing the proposed assessment, and attempting to resolve the TFRP after the fact.


The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. Pre-planning strategies to help mitigate the TFRP. Negotiating with a Revenue Officer to help avoid the TFRP. Appealing the proposed assessment. Post-assessment strategies to try and remove the TFRP.


Familiarity with the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty or TFRP.

Designed For

CPAs, EAs, attorneys, and anyone interested in learning more about IRS representation and tax problem solving.


Identify the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. Use different case strategies to work through or avoid the TFRP Analyze contrasting methodologies for working trust fund taxes in field collection. Distinguish post-assessment plans for removal of the TFRP .





Non-Member Price $75.00

Member Price $55.00