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The SECURE Act 2.0 - Planning Opportunities for Employers WEBCAST


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The Secure Act 2.0 was passed in a flurry of year-end legislation. This one-hour course will cover the important changes that employers need to know about company retirement plans. Employers will also need to consider how Secure Act 2.0 will the administration of existing plans or the creation of new ones. This course will provide a concise look at these hot topics.


Implications for Employers. Starter 401(k) plans for small employers. Requiring automatic 401(k) enrollment. Improving worker access to emergency savings. Increasing part-time workers’ access to retirement accounts. Statute of Limitations on excise taxes imposed on overcontributions to retirement plans. Multiple employer 403(b) plans. Automatic portability provisions. Other changes in the administration of company retirement plans



Designed For

Corporate tax and finance executives, directors, managers and staff, CPAs, Cas, Enrolled Agents, accountants, attorneys and business advisors who work with and advise businesses that have these tax implications.


Understand the newest tax developments contained in in the Secure Act 2.0. Become knowledgeable about the new provisions modifying the administration of employer retirement plans. Learn about the expanded contribution and catch-up limits for individuals. Understand the newest developments on required minimum distribution dates.






  • Allison McLeod, CPA Crossings LLC

Non-Member Price $59.00

Member Price $39.00