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K2's 2023 Introduction To Excel Macros WEBCAST


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4.0 Credits

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You have used Excel for years and perhaps Lotus 123 before that. And through all that time, you have repeatedly said, “One day, I’ll learn how to write macros.” Finally, that time has arrived because this four-hour program will introduce you to the wide world of Excel macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This course teaches the fundamentals of creating and working with macros in Excel and is designed specifically for those with little experience working with macros. More specifically, taking this course will teach you how to use Excel’s Macro Recorder to write simple yet effective macros. You will also learn how to secure and share macros with other Excel users and create user-defined functions to solve specific accountant-centric problems in Excel. Further, you will learn how to create macros that run when a user opens a workbook and VBA basics. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn how to begin working with macros - one of Excel’s most powerful tools.


Getting started with Excel macros by using the Macro Recorder. Fundamentals of writing VBA code. Saving and sharing macros. Getting started with User-Defined Functions.



Designed For

Business professionals seeking to extend Excel’s functionality with simple yet highly effective macros.


Create a macro in Excel using the Macro Recorder tool. Manage the fundamental elements of macros in Excel, including accessing macro functionality, naming macros, shortcut keys, storing and deleting macros, absolute vs. relative cell references in macros, and macro security. Identify the usefulness of the Macro Recorder and list four critical limitations of the Macro Recorder; additionally, modify Excel’s Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon to provide shortcuts to macros. List the nine essential elements of macros written using Visual Basic for Applications and utilize the Visual Basic Editor; manage macros through copy/paste and delete processes. Create variables in macros and identify the purpose of branching and conditional logic routines such as IF/THEN/ELSE, DO/WHILE, and CASE.






Leader Bios

Thomas Stephens Jr, Partner, K2 Enterprises, LLC

Thomas G. Stephens, Jr., received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree (Major in Accounting) from Auburn University in 1985. Upon graduation, Mr. Stephens began working for an Atlanta-based public accounting firm. After earning his designation as a Certified Public Accountant, Mr. Stephens worked for BellSouth Corporation in Atlanta as an Internal Auditor. After two years as an auditor, he was promoted to Staff Manager and then Operations Manager of the Internal Audit Group. In 1991, he transferred to the Comptrollers’ department of BellSouth and served as Manager of the Cost Accounting organization. While working full-time at BellSouth Corporation, Mr. Stephens also attended graduate school, earning a Masters of Science (Major in Finance) from Georgia State University in 1992. Mr. Stephens left BellSouth in 1994 and opened his public accounting practice in the metropolitan Atlanta area. In his practice, Mr. Stephens provided accounting, tax, and consulting services to individuals and a wide variety of small and emerging businesses. As part of his practice, he developed a successful consulting practice providing installation and support services of small business accounting software. Additionally, he began authoring and presenting continuing professional education courses to accounting and finance professionals. In 2003, Mr. Stephens affiliated with K2 Enterprises and in 2007 he joined the firm as a partner. To date, he has lectured nationally on subjects such as internal controls for small businesses, technology strategies, computer hardware and software applications, tax strategies and compliance, and financial accounting standards and applications. Over the past nineteen years, Mr. Stephens has presented in excess of 1,800 educational sessions to over 55,000 participants nationwide. Presently, Mr. Stephens resides in Woodstock, Georgia where, in addition to his association with K2 Enterprises, he provides consulting services to small businesses and CPA firms. In addition to an active professional career, Mr. Stephens enjoys an active personal life as well. He and Michelle – his wife of twenty-nine years – have two children. His hobbies include snow skiing, fishing, and running. Additionally, Mr. Stephens maintains professional memberships with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants and is a past member of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

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Non-Member Price $159.00

Member Price $129.00