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Budgeting: Presenting and Communicating your Numbers WEBCAST


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2.0 Credits

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The budgeting process can be a time consuming and frustrating process for accountants. The constraints and pressures can lead to poor decisions in both the technical and human components. This session will cover presenting and communicating your numbers. Now that the budget is complete, how we communicate our plan is critical. This session reveals some key guidelines in budget presentation and will identify key problems in how people often communicate financial plans.


Budget defining. Budget cultures. Tactile budget issues. Ideas for budget solutions and process solutions. Understanding people in the budget process. Communicating your budget to non-financial types.



Designed For

Current and aspiring CFO’s and controllers. Finance related professionals involved in the budget process.


Define the budget process. Learn how to build a model that works. Understand core personality types. Identify the `big picture“ and your communications role.






Leader Bios

Bob Mims, Bob Mims-CFO/CPO

Bob Mims, CPA, is a financial consultant and VP Finance for promising enterprises. For 20 years, Robert has worked with numerous startup ventures and nonprofits in the roles of Strategic Planning, Business Modeling, Controller and CFO. His focus is understanding the fundamentals of profitability. Robert worked ten years as a Big Four Senior Assurance Manager, earning National Instructor of the Year on three occasions. Robert has served on FASB Advisory committees and is based in Memphis, TN.

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Non-Member Price $109.00

Member Price $79.00