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The Future of Communication: How AI and Synthetic Media Can Transform Your Business WEBCAST


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Did you know that AI can now write your marketing copy? Create videos with your digital likeness? Provide subjective advice to your clients? Produce training for your employees? Even if you’re on the fence about trusting artificial intelligence tools, knowing about these technologies, especially when combined with forms of synthetic media (think deep fakes, but not nefarious), is important for any business leader. Imagine being able to have your likeness communicate in over 40 languages. Think about how amazing it would be to create customized content for every situation without building each piece from scratch. Marvel at how that perfect image can manifest from typing just a few keywords. In this session you’ll learn about the evolution of communication technologies, how artificial intelligence has expanded our range of connective possibilities, and what possibilities exist for leveraging these channels of communication in your business. Thankfully, Jan Fraser is your Reinvention expert! Jan has developed the 7-step process for reinventing. In this course, Jan will introduce you to the steps and show you how you can emerge successfully on the other side of Reinvention, creating your best life and feeling good about yourself in the process!


Communication. Technology. AI. Synthetic media. Strategy. Leadership. Management. Time management. Productivity.



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All business professionals.


Understand how the communicative landscape is quickly evolving. Learn the technologies that are at your disposal to leverage efficiencies. Gain insights on how to strategically implement AI in the workplace.






Leader Bios

Jill Schiefelbein, BPN Inc

Jill Schiefelbein, The Dynamic Communicator(R), thrives at the intersection of communication, education, and technology. From analyzing classified documents obtained from military raids of terrorist camps to assess jihad messaging strategies, to teaching business communication for 11 years at the largest university in the country, to starting and managing an online education office serving 60,000+ students, to her own award-winning entrepreneurial ventures, Jill successfully creates and executes communication strategies help people and companies solve problems, retain and develop consumers, and enhance the bottom line.

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Non-Member Price $59.00

Member Price $39.00