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Navigating Difficult Conversations with Clients WEBCAST


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When you’re working with clients, it’s not always smooth sailing (though we wish it was). Often we need to have difficult conversations. Whether it’s to overcome objections, negotiate a new contract, or manage a conflict, these conversations can be navigated successfully with the right tools. This workshop gives you those tools and an understanding of how the human mind works when it comes to processing communication in difficult situations.


Communication. Negotiation. Conflict. Persuasion. Management. Leadership. Customer service.



Designed For

Business professionals.


Understand the types of conflict and complaints that come your way and how to adjust your communication to each. Learn tips for diving into the root of a conflict by asking strategic questions to help you better navigate when obstacles arise. Gain a three-step framework for helping you structure your messaging during almost any difficult situation.






Leader Bios

Jill Schiefelbein, BPN Inc

Jill Schiefelbein, The Dynamic Communicator(R), thrives at the intersection of communication, education, and technology. From analyzing classified documents obtained from military raids of terrorist camps to assess jihad messaging strategies, to teaching business communication for 11 years at the largest university in the country, to starting and managing an online education office serving 60,000+ students, to her own award-winning entrepreneurial ventures, Jill successfully creates and executes communication strategies help people and companies solve problems, retain and develop consumers, and enhance the bottom line.

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Non-Member Price $59.00

Member Price $39.00