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Eight Strategies for Mastering the AI Wave WEBCAST


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2.0 Credits

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In today’s digitally driven landscape, the role of artificial intelligence in accounting and tax processes is rapidly evolving. For accounting professionals, tax experts, and all CPAs aiming to remain at the forefront of their profession, understanding how to strategically select, learn, and implement AI technologies like ChatGPT is paramount. This course offers a comprehensive guide tailored to accounting and tax professionals’ unique needs, delving into the art of harnessing AI’s potential through step-by-step instruction, examples, anecdotes, and case studies. Master a principles-based framework designed specifically for effective AI adoption in accounting and taxation, ensuring heightened productivity, accuracy, and timeliness in all financial and tax deliverables. Whether you’re a dedicated tax professional, an accounting expert, or a multifaceted CPA, gain the insights required to navigate the benefits and challenges AI presents in the financial domain.


The challenge of the pace of AI and emerging technologies. The relationship between technology and productivity. Increase your productivity with tools you already use. Recognize the relationship between productivity and value.



Designed For

CPAs and professional staff.


Learn eight strategies to maintain a productivity mindset as you evaluate, learn, and apply AI and other emerging technologies. Identify four positive aspects of AI that are particularly relevant to you as a CPA. Determine two cautionary aspects of AI that pertain to the profession.


A working knowledge of ChatGPT and its relationship with accounting and tax preparation. It will be helpful to have taken an introductory course in AI and ChatGPT, but its not required.




  • Trent Green, CalCPA Education Foundation

Non-Member Price $119.00

Member Price $89.00