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The Power of "Why" WEBCAST


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Today’s business leaders need to understand more than simply the financial impact of operations. They need to understand why these outcomes occur. Only by understanding the causes can you develop the appropriate actions for improved results. Learn how to get to the bottom of your financial performance. Discover how to use the “5 Whys Method” of root cause identification. Explore how to use these root causes in creating actionable reports. Successful financial managers know how to “Connect the Dots.” Put the “Power of Why” in your analytical toolbox! Start connecting today!


The importance of “Why”. Linking cause and effect. Keeping Freddy P. Softy away from your door. The 5-15 Report. The doorway to creativity. Why leadership and personal growth. Three cases.



Designed For

CPAs and financial professionals.


Recognize the negative impact of the Wall of Blind Acceptance. Identify the Causality Connection. Recognize the power of the 5-15 Report.






Leader Bios

William O'Brien, Lecturer-Dept. of Accounting, Santa Clara University

William F. O’Brien, MBA, CPA, is a financial management consultant and educator with over 40 years’ experience. He has held senior financial management positions with Intel and ROLM and served as CFO for several emerging, high technology companies. Bill has extensive experience in corporate planning, fraud assessment, control, financial analysis, cash management, managerial accounting, and financial reporting in both domestic and international settings. Bill has served on the faculties of Santa Clara University and San Jose State University.

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Non-Member Price $169.00

Member Price $129.00