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Embark on a journey to master Power BI, a powerful tool for data analysis and business intelligence. This course is meticulously designed for professionals who seek to understand the full spectrum of Power BI capabilities, including its integration with Excel’s Power BI features like Power Pivot and Power Query, and its comparison with standalone Power BI tools such as Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, and Power BI Report Server. In the first part of the course, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of Power BI. This includes an overview of Power BI’s interface, key features, and its seamless integration with Excel. The course will cover Excel’s Power BI tools - Power Pivot, for advanced data modeling, and Power Query, for efficient data transformation and preparation. This segment is essential for understanding how Power BI extends and enhances the data processing and analytical capabilities of Excel. The second section of the course delves into the standalone Power BI tools. Here, participants will explore Power BI Desktop for creating complex data models and sophisticated reports, Power BI Service for cloud-based collaboration and sharing, and Power BI Report Server for on-premises report deployment. This part of the course will focus on the unique features and strengths of these standalone tools, providing attendees with the skills to leverage Power BI in a variety of business contexts.


Overview of the Power BI Tools: Introduction to the Power BI ecosystem, including Excel’s Power BI features and standalone tools. Tour of the Tools: Introduction to the interfaces of Power Pivot, Power Query, Power BI Desktop and Power BI Services. Comparative Analysis: Understand the strengths and limitations of Excel’s Power BI features versus standalone Power BI tools. Strategic decision-making on when to use each tool for optimal efficiency and accuracy in data analysis tasks.



Designed For

Anyone who wants to enhance their analytical skills and embrace the advanced capabilities of Power BI, setting them apart in a data-driven business environment.


Identify the differences and synergies between Excel’s Power BI tools and the standalone Power BI tools, enabling a clear understanding of when and how to use each tool effectively in various business scenarios. Distinguish between the various functionalities and use cases of Power BI tools, empowering participants to select the most appropriate Power BI tool for specific data analysis and reporting needs in their professional roles. Recognize the impact of integrating Power BI with Excel on the efficiency and effectiveness of data processing, analysis, and visualization tasks, aiding in the development of more streamlined and powerful data analytics strategies within their organizations.






Leader Bios

Bryan Smith, CPA Crossings LLC

Bryan L. Smith, CPA, CITP, CISA is the co-founder of CPA Crossings in Rochester, MI. He is a CPA with a strong background in information technology and serves as a virtual CIO to CPA firms and professional organizations. He specializes in the planning and deployment of effective technology solutions. Bryan and John Higgins recently authored Ten Steps to a Digital Practice in the Cloud, which has been published by the AICPA. Bryan helps firm leaders understand the opportunities associated with deploying information technology to improve productivity, enhance client services, and increase profitability. He uses his extensive knowledge and experience to help CPAs bridge the gap between business and technology. He is a past chair of the Michigan Association of CPAs Information Technology Committee and the Leadership Committee.

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Non-Member Price $109.00

Member Price $89.00