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Become an Advocate


One of the most important aspects of the WSCPA’s work is ensuring that its members are aware of legislation affecting the CPA profession and potential changes to regulation. We rely heavily on members’ input and participation. Legislators want to hear from their constituents and base many of their decisions on their feedback. There are several opportunities for you to become an advocate.


One of the most important advocacy events of the year, Hill Day is a great opportunity for members to meet with legislators and network with fellow CPAs from around the state. Developing relationships with legislators and informing them of current issues facing the CPA profession in Washington can have a significant impact on a legislator’s decision to support or oppose a bill.

Interested? Send Mike Nelson an email to learn more and register.


Is there an issue that you are passionate about and want to share with others? We want to hear from you! Contact Mike Nelson for more information on becoming a guest writer for our blog All Things Advocacy.


Your elected representatives make decisions every day that affect you or your clients. It is vital that legislators understand and consider the viewpoints of the constituents in their own legislative districts. WSCPA key contacts play a critical role in helping legislators understand the impact and consequences of proposed legislation. Your expertise and ability to explain complex issues within your profession have a profound impact and directly influence the direction of legislation.

As a key contact you will:

  • Receive access to advocacy training
  • Participate in events such as Hill Day and other networking events
  • Receive notifications of pending legislation
  • Convey key messages to your representatives
  • Learn how to personalize those messages to describe how the legislation will affect you or your clients
  • Track bills to discover how your contacts can affect the outcome of a vote

To become a key contact, please email Mike Nelson


If time is not your chief resource, consider contributing to the CPAPAC. The PAC is an important aspect of WSCPA advocacy. It is comprised of a nonpartisan group of members that evaluates candidates’ policy decisions and positions on key committees. Contributing opens the door for members to cultivate a personal relationship with your representative and continue to ensure that members have a voice. Learn more about the PAC here or make a contribution.


The Government Affairs Committee is a group of experts with specialized knowledge in pertinent issues such as state and local taxes, audits, and peer review. With their insight and expertise to evaluate current legislative proposals, the WSCPA is able to make informed decisions and stances on policy proposals. To learn more, email Mike Nelson.