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WSCPA Award Winners

CongratS to our 2022-2023 aWARD WINNERS!

Every year, the WSCPA honors individuals (and one company or firm) that have demonstrated their commitment to supporting the Society and maintaining the CPA's trusted and respected place in Washington State's professional community. Below you will find a list of the awards the WSCPA presents, as well as the names of the past recipients for each. Please take a moment to read through their names and reflect on their contributions.

Do you know someone who fits this description? Submit a nomination for the WSCPA Lifetime Achievement or Community Leadership Award by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Nominations for 2023-2024 Award Winners are due December 31. Nominees will be considered in spring, and new award winners will be announced in summer.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizes a current or former WSCPA member for a career of leadership and dedicated service to the accounting profession and as an exemplary role model for other CPAs.

2023 Recipient: Elaine Myers, CPA

Elaine Myers, CPA, was one of the first women to graduate with an accounting degree from Gonzaga University in 1956. Soon after, she started working for LeMaster & Daniels in Spokane. She obtained her CPA license in 1994. She started her own firm in 2003. She joined McDirmid, Mikkelsen & Secrest, now Eide Bailly in 2006 and stayed until her retirement as a Tax Senior Manager in 2018. Elaine specialized in farms and manufacturing. For many of her clients, Elaine’s role as an advisor rose to the level of a CFO.  Elaine was on the board of many non-profit organizations, including Frontier Behavior Health.

Prior Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

2022: Rhona Kwiram, CPA
2021: William A. Simer, CPA
2019: Thomas J. Sadler, CPA-Retired
2018: Richard E. Jones, CPA, CGMA
2017: Thomas G. Neill, CPA, CGMA
2016: James R. Ladd, CPA, CGMA
2015: Robert W. Ash, CPA
2014: Rick J. Anderson, CPA
2013: Robert G. Nuber, CPA-Retired, CMC
2012: Steven D. Huebner, CPA
2011: Edwin G. Jolicoeur, CPA
2008: Lorin H. Wilson, CPA
2007: Richard C. Sweeney, CPA
2006: Laurie J. Tish, CPA
2005: Robert L. Bunting, CPA
2004: John L. O'Brien, CPA

Community Leadership Award

Recognizes a WSCPA member whose respected leadership in community organizations has enhanced the image or public perception of CPAs.

Prior Community Leadership Award Recipients

2022: Marvin Tjoelker, CPA
2021: Ronald G. Rauch, CPA
2021: Bavan M. Holloway, CPA
2020: Pam R. Cleaver, CPA
2019: Newton Rumble, CPA
2018: Robert J. Fleming, CPA
2017: Ross D. McIvor, CPA
2011: Peter A. Shimer, CPA
2010: Richard D. Greaves, CPA
2008: William A. Simer, CPA
2006: Robert G. Nuber, CPA
2005: Frank Ault, CPA, CVA, ABV
2004: Irwin G. Conner, CPA
2003: Clifton E. Lahue, CPA
2001: Robert L. Gerth, CPA
2000: Richard C. Sweeney, CPA
1999: Carmen J. Aguiar, CPA, CFP
1997: Vernon F. Peterson, CPA
1996: Mark A. Hugh, CPA
1995: John A. Clees, CPA
1994: Dr. Gerhard G. Mueller, CPA
1993: Frank H. Larner, CPA
1992: Jerry L. Myers
1992: John A. Moga, CPA
1991: Vincent A. Gervais, CPA
1990: James R. Ladd, CPA
1989: Henry V. Benson, CPA
1988: Gerald E. Gorans, CPA
1987: W. J. (Jerry) Pennington, CPA
1986: Ludwig Lobe, CPA
1985: John L. O'Brien, CPA
1984: Firth J. Chew, CPA
1983: Robert L. Block, CPA
1980: William R. Gregory, CPA

Business of the year

Recognizes a company or firm that provides noteworthy support and dedication to the WSCPA and its members.

2023 Recipient: Greenwood Ohlund PS.

"Greenwood Ohlund sets a remarkable example of a firm with a strong culture, characterized by engaged staff and leadership," remarks Monette Anderson, CAE, Vice President of Member Services & Education at WSCPA. “As a WSCPA Peak Firm, they actively participate in numerous committee and volunteer roles, demonstrating their deep commitment to our student members through their recruitment and internship programs.”

Prior Business of the Year Award Winners

2022: Hutchinson & Walter CPAs
2021: DP&C (Dwyer Pemberton & Coulson)
2020: Werner O'Meara & Co PLLC
2019: Larson Gross, PLLC
2018: Eide Bailly LLP
2017: Clark Nuber PS
2016: CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP
2015: Camico
2014: Peterson Sullivan, LLP
2013: Moss Adams, LLP
2012: Bader Martin PS
2011: Dingus, Zarecor & Associates PLLC
2010: Jacobson Jarvis & Co PLLC 
2009: Berntson Porter & Company 
2008: Hellam Varon & Co PS 
2007: Shannon & Associates LLP 
2006: Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP 
2005: Robert P. McKinley, CPA, PC 
2004: Washington Trust Bank 
2003: Clothier & Head 
2002: Moss Adams, LLP 
2001: LeMaster & Daniels 
2000: Clark Nuber
1999: Moss Adams, LLP 
1998: Sweeney Conrad PS

Outstanding Volunteer Leader Award

Recognizes an active WSCPA member for outstanding service and dedication and/or innovative and inspirational WSCPA leadership.

2023 Recipients: Zenaida "Zeny" Fletcher, CPA, CFP, MBA and Kelly Nelson, CPA.

"Zeny has been an active volunteer with the WSCPA and a dedicated advocate for the profession   throughout my 23-year tenure,” said Kimberly Scott, CAE, WSCPA President & CEO. “Her enthusiasm and graciousness are genuine, and she has consistently added value through her involvement with the WSCPA.”

Kimberly Scott, CAE, WSCPA President & CEO, shared, "Kelly has a leadership style that envelops and values individuals, making them feel valued and excited. Her dedication is evident through her active involvement in volunteering, speaking engagements, and mentoring aspiring CPAs."

Prior Outstanding Volunteer Leader Award Recipients

2022: Richard Burger Mackey, CPA
2022: Kelly Collins, CPA
2022: Diane Pietrowski, CPA
2021: Nate Ill, CPA, CFA
2021: Ursula Perkins, CPA
2021: Brooke Stegmeier, CPA, MHA, CMPE
2020: Chris M. Falco, CPA, CBI, CM&AA
2020: Darcy N. Kooiker, CPA
2020: Rachel S. Roberson, CPA
2019: Writu Kakshapati, CPA, CGMA
2019: Andrew M. Prather, CPA
2018: James E. Coates, CPA
2018: Lisa A. Cushman, CPA
2017: Donna Evered, CPA, JD
2017: David James, CPA, CGMA
2017: Jeffrey Mock, CPA, ABV, CVA
2016: Lydia Ahn, CPA
2016: Brett Jordan, CPA
2016: Jonathan McNicol, CPA
2016: Susan Thomson-Sines, CPA
2015: Mary Joyce, CPA
2014: Mike Cheney, CPA
2014: Dave Trujillo, CPA
2013: John Vogel, CMA, CCD
2012: Joseph P. Sambataro
2012: Ann Norman, CPA
2011: Christopher Hesse, CPA
2010: Heather Fitzpatrick, CPA
2010: Barbara Huang, CPA
2010: Dora Leung, CPA
2010: John Fasler, CPA

New Professional Award

Recognizes an active WSCPA member who has been a CPA for fewer than ten years for outstanding WSCPA leadership.

2023 Recipient: Kairi Roberts, CPA.

“Kairi’s commitment to the WSCPA as Chair of the Spokane Chapter Board and past Chair of the Events Committee extends beyond the logistics of event planning. She   personally invests herself in fostering an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that everyone feels valued and supported,” said Daniel Fleming, WSCPA Manager of   Membership. “Her genuine passion for the success of others shines through in every interaction, as she goes the extra mile to ensure that participants leave with not only new connections, but also a sense of  belonging to a larger professional community.”

Prior New Professional Award Recipients

2022: Bonnie Tse, CPA
2021: Nick Braun-Lopez, CPA
2020: Allison B. McClure, CPA
2018: Fabian D. Benebente, CPA
2017: Sara Bailey, CPA
2016: Erika Hosea, CPA, CGMA
2015: Benjamin Anderson, CPA
2014: Sarah Ozanne, CPA
2012: Brett Jordan, CPA
2011: Stephanie Behne, CPA
2011: Jennifer de Leon, CPA
2010: Kristen Guzman, CPA
2009: Amanda Goodman, CPA
2008: Jason Dangler
2007: Anthony J. Cook
2006: Sarah Funk
2005: Brent M. Hoshizaki
2004: Wendy Darcy

Special Award

Recognizes an individual who is not a CPA but has supported or promoted the activities of CPAs and the WSCPA.

2023 Recipient: Joseph Smith.

In 2020, Joe joined the Board of the Washington CPA Foundation, where he currently serves as vice president. "He has been an important advisor in helping develop our new associate scholarship program and helping award grants to organizations looking to improve the pipeline of the profession," said Benjamin Warren, WSCPA Manager of Pipeline Initiatives.

Prior Special Award Recipients

2022: Marla Meyer
2021: Arsen Djataj, PhD.
2018: Representative Steven Kirby
2017: Steven Colson, CIC
2016: Jennifer Sciba
2015: Ann Young
2015: Maria Rinaldi
2014: Representative Roger Goodman
2013: Bob Hutchins
2012: Robbie Dahl-Sullivan
2012: Bill Wells
2011: Russ Davis
2010: Lisa Thatcher
2009: Representative Steve Conway
2008: Kathy Benedict, JD
2007: James Jiambalvo, PhD
2006: Michelle Paulsen
2002: Tracy L. White
2001: James Boldt
2000: Jonathon Miller
1999: Melvin L. Joseph
1998: WSCPA Staff
1997: Mary Eklund
1996: John R. Plymyer
1995: Reverend Robert J. Spitzer

Rising Star Award

Recognizes a WSCPA member who is in the process of obtaining a CPA License, for active WSCPA leadership, dedication, and service.

2023 Recipients: Hanna Fleming and Deedee Oblefias.

"Hanna has been a standout on the Emerging Leaders Committee, bringing in sponsorships to support student  events and engaging at a high level. She brings an  eagerness to see other young professionals thrive in the  accounting world," said Monette Anderson, CAE, WSCPA  Vice President of Member Services & Education and  Executive Director of the Washington CPA Foundation.

"Deedee’s dedication to serving the WSCPA and its members is evident in her enthusiastic approach. She goes above and beyond to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where new professionals can thrive. Currently serving on the Everett Chapter Board as well as the Emerging Leaders Committee, Deedee is making a significant impact on the professional growth of new talent. By creating spaces for networking and socializing, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the accounting community and ensuring its continued success," said Daniel Fleming, WSCPA Manager of Membership.

Prior Rising Star Award Recipients

2020: Jessica A. Packer
2018: Brittany L. Malidore
2018: Chad A. Norris
2016: Rigoberto Garcia
2015: Angela Chase
2014: Wendy Kwan
2013: Adam Jones
2011: John Hirsch
2010: Adam Bystedt 
2009: Chinda Tankhoun 
2008: Bryce Hansen 
2007: Robert Patterson
2006: Nerelys Cordero

President's Award

Recognizes an individual (or organization) who has made a significant contribution to the success of the profession.

2023 Recipient: Jenny Cravens, CPA.

"Although I hadn't had the opportunity to meet Jenny in person until last year, her reputation preceded her. I frequently heard about her inspiring impact on students, and the WSCPA staff have consistently expressed their gratitude for her valuable assistance. Over the past few years, Jenny has also shared her passion for teaching with our members. Her continued involvement with our organization is certain to make a positive and lasting impact," said Kimberly Scott, CAE, WSCPA President & CEO.

Prior President's Award Recipients

2022: Julie Phipps
2021: Bill Reed, CPA, MBA, CFF, CFE, PI, CGMA, CICA
2020: Bea L. Nahon, CPA
2019: David Trujillo, CPA, CGMA
2018: John R. McMillan, CRPC
2016: William Simer, CPA
2015: Ann Young
2014: Trina Doty, CFO, CPA, CGMA, CFE
2013: Peter Miller, CPA, CFE,
2012: Jim Ladd, CPA, CGMA
2011: David E. Katri, CPA, MBA
2010: Roy Polley, CPA
2009: John Dodsworth
2008: Thomas Bourne, CPA
2007: Tommy Thomson, CPA
2006: James Toole, CPA

Chair's Award

Selected by the Chair of the Board of Directors, this award honors a WSCPA member who has provided extraordinary commitment and service to the WSCPA.

2023 Recipient: Lowel Krueger, CPA, MBA.

"When I think about Lowel’s volunteerism on the Board and the CPAPAC, the word steadfast comes to mind. Lowel has been constant in his volunteerism for the WSCPA and in his passion for the profession. He has been very involved from a legislative standpoint and has mentored me and many others in doing Hill Day visits with legislators. He is knowledgeable about the issues facing CPAs in the state and takes every opportunity to talk about those issues with others. Lowel is an engaged volunteer and is willing to listen to different perspectives, share his thoughts and collaborate with others while maintaining a great deal of professionalism and curiosity. It has been an honor
to serve alongside Lowel on the Board and the PAC, and my great pleasure to recognize him with the Chair’s award for his years of dedicated service to the CPA profession," said Sara Bailey, CPA, outgoing Chair of the Board.

Prior Chair's Award Recipients

2022: Jeanette Kebede, CAE
2021: Monette Anderson, CAE
2020: Hayden B. Williams, CPA, CGMA
2019: Mary E. Joyce, CPA
2018: Marguerite (Zite) Hutton, CPA, PhD
2017: William A. Simer, CPA
2016: Joseph Paul Smith, CPA, CGMA
2015: Peter Miller, CPA, CFE
2014: Russell Price, CPA, MBA, ACA
2013: Judy Love
2012: Mark A. Hugh, CPA
2011: Wayne Borkowski, CPA, CMA, CFM, MBA
2010: Mark Hugh, CPA
2009: Tony Laliberte, CPA (retired) 
2008: Dave Katri
2007: Robert A. Underhill
2006: Antonio Laliberte
2005: Marcia Holland
2004: Howard Sibelman
2003: Lauren Thomas
2002: James E. Coates
2001: Senator Georgia Gardner
2000: Donald F. Aubrey
1999: Elizabeth Widdison
1998: Thomas Keller
1997: Tom Neill
1996: Marc G. Bateman
1995: Robert A. Underhill
1994: Carmen J. Aguiar
1993: Robert L. Bunting
1992: Jeffrey P. Maxwell
1991: Michael D. Sweeney
1990: Daniel L. Pavelich

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