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Finding Harmony in Your Workspace: Selecting a Plant to Complement Your Accounting Career

May 09, 2023

You know what qualities and expertise are needed in your accounting field, but did you know there’s a plant species that can actually complement those qualities? We’ve put together a fun list of accounting types and matched them with a common houseplant (or office plant) that is sure to thrive and bloom in your particular environment.

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Auditor = Bonsai Tree

meticulous, dedicated, precise, careful, attentive, patient, balanced

Both an auditor and a bonsai tree require precision, patience, balance and extreme attention to detail. The auditor must be meticulous with financial records to ensure they are accurate and balanced, while a bonsai tree must be pruned with balance and precision to maintain its shape, health and beauty. Auditors often work on lengthy, complex projects so a bonsai in the office can serve as a reminder to stay focused and committed to the work at hand. 

Consulting Accountants = Peace Lily

calming, adaptable, therapeutic

Consulting accountants can help identify and remove financial “toxins” that are impeding growth within an organization. Likewise, the peace lily is known to purify the air by removing various lingering toxins. If you are a consulting accountant looking to maintain a calming and peaceful environment, the peace lily could be your perfect match!

Controller = Monstera

intricate, precise, fast-growing, diligent, hole-y

A monstera plant’s intricate and organized leaf structure mirrors the accounting controller’s need to be precise and accurate in their financial reporting. The monstera has fast-growing, large leaves, while an accounting controller can contribute to a company’s rapid growth by conducting financial analyses and providing insightful recommendations for strategic updates.

Financial Accountant = Money Tree

supportive, bright, prosperous, fast-growing, abundant

The money tree traditionally represents good luck, prosperity and financial success, making it a perfect choice for the financial accounting professional. The plant’s abundant leaves are supported by a braided trunk, which is formed by twisting together several separate stems. This unique support network mirrors the financial accountant’s role as a company’s base for financial stability, growth and prosperity.

Forensic Accountant = Cactus

tough, direct, careful, sharp, resilient, self-reliant

Just as cacti have adapted to survive in harsh, desert environments, forensic accountants often work in tough and unforgiving financial landscapes, where they need to identify and investigate financial irregularities, fraud and corruption. They are resilient and adaptable, able to thrive in challenging or hostile environments. Like cacti, forensic accountants need to remain sharp and precise. The cacti’s sharp exterior reminds us of the accountant’s need to proceed carefully and cautiously with prickly financial investigations.

Government Accountant = Geranium

strong, bright, vivid, diligent, flourishing

Just like how a geranium needs to be carefully tended and nurtured in order to thrive and bloom, a government accountant needs to be diligent and vigilant in their financial management in order for the government to flourish and succeed. A geranium’s flowers will bloom for an extended period of time with minimal attention, which is similar to the long-term financial stability and sustainability that all government accountants strive for in their work.

Tax Accountant = Aloe Vera

hardy, bright, healing, beneficial

Aloe plants have a reputation for their healing properties and are great to have around for cuts or burns. Tax accountants have a reputation for working long hours during tax season, which can make it important to prioritize self care. Having an aloe plant in the office can be a good reminder to take care of your physical and mental health during these high-stress times.

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