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5 Not-So-Obvious Reasons to Apply for a Scholarship

January 19, 2024

by Benjamin Warren

The main motivators behind applying for a scholarship usually have to do with financial assistance and reducing student loan debt. These are incredibly valid but there are so many other reasons why you should apply for a scholarship. With the Washington CPA Foundation Scholarship application deadline approaching, here are 5 other reasons why you should complete and submit your scholarship application.

  1. Networking Opportunities 
    Scholarship recipients are invited to attend the Foundation Circle Reception. This exclusive networking event is the perfect opportunity to network with Foundation board members, firm representatives, and other accounting professionals. Participants will have a chance to learn more about the accounting profession, thank the individuals who have contributed to the Washington CPA Foundation, and mingle with other scholarship recipients. Building a network can open doors to valuable insights, guidance, and potential collaborations and there’s no better place to network than the Foundation Circle Reception.
  2. Time for Some R&R
    Winning a scholarship means you (or your parents) have a little less to worry about when it comes time to pay tuition. With some of that burden reduced, it might be the time for a quick getaway before you’re back at school and stressing about grades. Whether it's a week-long trip or a weekend staycation, use this opportunity to work in a little rest and relaxation. But first, you have to get that application submitted by the deadline.
  3. Recognition
    Want to see yourself in a magazine or featured on a website? Each year, the WA CPA Foundation Scholarship recipients are recognized in the WSCPA magazine, The Washington CPA, and on our website. You can see the most recent scholarship recipients right now. Be sure to note your scholarship win on résumés and in job interviews highlighting your potential as the ideal candidate.
  4. A New Community
    Being a scholarship recipient means joining a community of like-minded individuals with shared goals and aspirations. Together, scholarship recipients form a supportive network that extends learning beyond the classroom, encouraging each other to excel academically and make a positive impact on the world. 
  5. Access to Resources
    Scholarship recipients are provided with a complimentary WSCPA student membership. This unlocks an array of benefits designed to support you at every stage of your professional development. From a members-only online platform to CPA Exam support to professional publications and much more, the WSCPA is here to provide the resources you need on your journey to becoming an accounting professional. Click here to learn about WSCPA membership benefits and find resources for accounting students.

Now hopefully we’ve convinced you to apply for a scholarship or finish the application you’ve started, just make sure to have everything submitted by the scholarship deadline. That’s either February 14 or April 14 depending on which WA CPA Foundation Scholarship you’re eligible for. Click here for more information about the scholarships and for a link to the scholarship applications.

Get additional scholarship tips and tricks by watching the recording of our Scholarship Open House. This is an introduction to the Washington CPA Foundation and the scholarship opportunities for accounting students. Learn about eligibility requirements, the application process, and best practices to ensure you are submitting the best application possible. Scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic year are available to incoming freshmen through PhD candidates who are planning to be or currently are accounting majors enrolled in a Washington State college or university.

Contact if you have any questions or need any assistance with the scholarship application process. Good luck! 

Benjamin Warren is WSCPA Manager of Pipeline Initiatives. You can reach Benjamin by email.