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Why Accounting?

April 01, 2022

by Benjamin Warren

My one-year anniversary with the WSCPA was last month. As the Student Outreach & Initiatives Coordinator with the WSCPA, I have spent a lot of that time speaking to students across Washington State who are either just beginning their education in accounting or who are just learning about the accounting profession. One question that these students regularly ask is, “Why did you choose accounting?” It is a somewhat awkward question because, truthfully, I have no experience in accounting. In fact, I was just as unaware of the accounting profession as some of the students I have met until I heard about the WSCPA. The inevitable follow-up question is, “Then why did you take a job with a professional accounting organization?”

First and foremost, I love community outreach. It provides the opportunity to meet incredible people and share something I’m passionate about with them. Previously that was with an AIDS Service Organization promoting HIV testing and education and with a youth homelessness organization that provided services and resources to youth and young adults experiencing homelessness. Now, with the WSCPA, I’m supporting students in their educational and professional goals. The WSCPA ensures students are prepared to enter the world of accounting through professional development activities, networking events, discounts on services, and scholarships. That’s something I can be passionate about even without a background in accounting.

Second, accountants have flexibility and mobility across industries. I had never given much thought to the fact that every business and organization needs an accountant but I’ve been able to see just how true that is. Accountants work for non-profits, tech companies, sports teams (like my favorite baseball team the Seattle Mariners), and everything in between. They even count and verify the Academy Award results. On top of all that, this mobility means that accountants also have a chance to acquire technological expertise and contribute to advancements in cyber-security, artificial intelligence, forensic accounting, robotic process automation, and many others.

Finally, accountants are some of the most considerate people I’ve worked with. I have seen how they devote themselves to their clients, their employees, their students, and their communities. They give freely of their time and expertise and contribute financially to the Washington CPA Foundation scholarships and other programs. The amazing and wonderful people I have worked with this last year, both WSCPA staff and members, have opened my eyes to the world of accounting, showed me how exciting the profession can be, and kindled a desire to share all of this with every student who asks, “Why accounting?”

We want to help even more students discover the opportunities in accounting, which is why the Washington CPA Foundation started the Associate Accounting Scholarships. Please share this scholarship application opportunity with any high school seniors or college freshman who may just be starting to have an interest in the field of accounting.

Benjamin Warren is WSCPA Student Outreach & Initiatives Coordinator. Contact Benjamin via email here.