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From Wishes to Collective Impact: Engaging in a Community-Driven Accounting Profession

July 31, 2023

by Monette Anderson, CAE

In a world that places much focus and celebration on individual achievement, it’s easy to forget the incredible power that lies within a community. Transformative growth becomes possible when we make connections and share ideas. Early in my career, I had the privilege of working as a Volunteer & Wish Coordinator at the Make-A-Wish Foundation. There, I witnessed firsthand "The Power of a Wish"™ and engaging communities to come together to support children with critical illnesses. "Make-A-Wish" felt like a magic word, and everyone wanted to be a part of igniting hope and joy in the lives of children. It was an experience that left an indelible mark on me. In that work, what resonated with me was the transformative power of a collective effort. Volunteers, donors, community members rallying together. It was in those moments that I realized the immense potential of community-driven endeavors. I was hooked.

Fast forward to my nine years at the WSCPA, and I can confidently say I have found that same sense of community, that same spirit of coming together, within our profession. The WSCPA is a dynamic community of professionals bound by a shared purpose: to uplift and strengthen the accounting profession, while supporting one another on our individual journeys.

At the WSCPA Town Hall on May 11, featuring AICPA and FASB leadership weighing in on the state of the profession, several of our members took the microphone to demonstrate their commitment to our profession. They shared deeply personal stories about their journeys and challenges to enter the profession. It was a compelling reminder that the strength of our community lies in the diversity of our talents, experiences, and perspectives. It was truly inspirational to see the power of our voices when we come together to shape our profession, champion its relevance, and ensure its future prosperity.

This year we have celebrated collective achievements, such as opening exam eligibility rules for CPA candidates to sit for the exam at 120 hours and urging NASBA to recommend a landmark rule change of a 30-month window for the CPA exam. However, there is so much more to do, and our profession has new challenges on the horizon.

Consider the barriers faced by fifth-year candidates, the integration of STEM in accounting, and the imminent disruptions and ethical considerations surrounding AI. These are just a few examples of the issues that require our attention and engagement. By becoming an active member of the WSCPA, you can contribute to the dialogue, lend your expertise, and help shape the future of our profession.

The WSCPA is built on active involvement and collective effort. We believe that every member has a valuable voice and unique contribution to make. Here are a few ways you can start to engage and support a dynamic community of professionals who are dedicated to uplifting and strengthening the accounting profession.  

Attend WSCPA Events
Participate in conferences, seminars, and networking events (in person when you can!) to connect with fellow professionals, exchange ideas, and stay updated on industry trends. We have seven more free members’ receptions planned across the state this year. We’d love to see you! Find us and register online at

Join Committees or Resource Groups
Contribute your skills and expertise to committees focused on areas of your interest, or help plan engaging and inspiring events, conferences and learning opportunities for your fellow members. Find a group at

Volunteer and Mentor
Give back to the community by volunteering for initiatives that support aspiring accountants, such as the scholarship review committee or outreach activities. Engage with WSCPA advocacy efforts, such as delivering CPAPAC checks to your legislator or taking part in Hill Day in January. Support mentorship in our Coffee & Conversations Resource Group on Connect, where members can connect for informational interviews and mini-mentoring sessions right over Zoom (or for coffee if you can make it work!).    

Remember that the power of community lies not only in what you personally gain but also in what you contribute and how you help others thrive. Your involvement matters; just as a community has the power to shape a wish, your ideas, experiences, and perspectives can shape the direction of our profession and propel positive change. I look forward to working together to create a stronger and more vibrant community that leaves an indelible mark on our profession.  

Monette Anderson, CAE, is WSCPA Vice President of Member Services & Education. You can contact Monette at