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Effective Decision Making ON DEMAND

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2.0 Credits

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Non-Member Price $89.00


Making great decisions is not about being a genius. It’s about knowing thinking tricks and avoiding thinking traps. Gain an appreciation for short-term vs. long-term decision making; get past the use of cognitive traps, such as stereotypes; and come to grips with the role of values in decision making. Finally, you will focus on how to frame decisions for others to maximize decision commitment. The webcast was originally broadcast on May 30, 2013. Note: There is a minimum passing rate of 70% for this course.


Effective decision making. Problem solving. Cognitive biases. Stereotypes. Values.



Designed For

CPAs interested in expanding their leadership and team-building skills, and have been recently promoted or are seeking promotion into a leadership role.


Recognize the difference between decision making and problem solving. Identify the major procedural and cognitive traps encountered in problem solving. Determine the role of values in effective decision making.





Non-Member Price $89.00

Member Price $69.00