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Budgeting for Profit Planning and Control ON DEMAND

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11.0 Credits

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The course is intended for business professionals engaged in budgeting, financial planning, forecasting, profit planning, and control. A budget is the formal expression of plans, goals, and objectives of management that covers all aspects of operations for a designated time period. The budget is a tool providing targets and direction. Budgets provide control over the immediate environment, help to master the financial aspects of the job and department, and solve problems before they occur. Budgets focus on the importance of evaluating alternative actions before decisions are actually implemented. This course explains what budgets are, how they work, how to prepare and present them, and how to analyze budget figures and results. New developments and uses of budgets such as rolling budgets at various managerial levels within a business are illustrated that combine budgeting, forecasting analytics, business intelligence, and collaboration.


The What and Why of Budgeting. Types of Budgets. Advantages and Disadvantages of Budgets. Control, Evaluation, and Analysis. Regression Analysis. Budgeted Cash Balances. Using Variance Analysis. Budgeting Manufacturing Costs. Administrative Departments. Budgeting for Capital Expenditures. Cash Flow Forecasting and Budgeting. The Zero-Base Budgeting Process. Capital and Operating Budgets, and More.



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Recognize the different types of budgets. Identify characteristics and advantages of budgeting. Recognize how strategic planning and budgeting are linked together. Identify certain budget measurements. Distinguish between short-term and long-term plans. Identify objectives of profit planning. Recognize metrics in the profit plan, and more.





Non-Member Price $354.00

Member Price $308.00