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Economic Analysis for Business & Strategic Decisions 2212 ON DEMAND

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10.0 Credits

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This course provides a clear and concise introduction to managerial economics. The course managerial economics is offered in a variety of titles including business economics, economic analysis for business decisions, economics for management decisions, etc. at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

It focuses on the fundamentals and essentials needed to understand how business decisions are made and tackled using economics and other quantitative tools. It illustrates decisions with many solved problems to test and help students reinforce their understanding of the subject. Further, many business professionals can benefit from this course. The reader is assumed to have done some introductory-level work in economics. A minimal amount of background in college-level math and statistics is also expected.

This course extensively and intensively shows the application of economic theory and concepts to real-life business decisions. It consists of questions and problems along with their answers and suggested solutions.


Profits. Profit Maximization and Marginal Analysis. Differential Calculus. Constrained Optimization. Marginal Analysis vs Incremental Analysis. Demand and Revenue. Supply Function. Types of Forecasts. Trend Analysis. Production Function. The Stages of Production. Applications of LP, and More.



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Define the concept of time value of money. Recognize the difference between value maximization and profit maximization. Identify profit-making motives for companies. Recognize how marginal analysis is used for business decisions. Identify how a derivative is used in economic analysis. Recognize the characteristics of mathematical concepts in optimization techniques. Recognize different goals for economic optimization. Recognize factors that affect the demand curve. Identify examples of complementary goods, and more.





Non-Member Price $334.00

Member Price $290.00