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What You Need to Know About Cash Flow ON DEMAND

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The statement of cash flows is one of the most important, if not the most important, financial statements prepared by an entity. Of particular focus on this statement is the cash flow from operations which presents the amount of cash an entity is generating from its core business operations. This course provides an overview of the requirements for preparing a statement of cash flows and discusses many other key cash flow related topics in additional detail. The accounting requirements with respect to the statement of cash flows is prescribed within ASC Topic No. 230.


Objectives of the Statement of Cash Flows. Cash Flow Classification. Accounts Receivables. Inventory. Leases. Business Combinations.



Designed For

CPAs, CFOs, controllers, financial professionals, and auditors.


List the different methods used for presenting the statement of cash flows. Differentiate between operating, financing, and investing activities in the statement of cash flows. Recognize how a statement of cash flows is prepared using the indirect method. Identify cash flow classification for various types of transactions. Recognize disclosures requirements with respect to cash flow transactions.






Leader Bios

Kelen Camehl, Western CPE

Kelen is a recognized author and reviewer of CPE courses and has authored over 85 courses (225+ CPE credit hours) covering a range of accounting, auditing, financial reporting, regulatory, and ethics topics. His courses are available for purchase from many online CPE providers including the AICPA. Kelen has also remained involved in CPA exam content development for nearly 10 years and has authored more than a thousand multiple choice questions for various sections of the CPA exam. He also serves as an Editorial Advisor for the AICPA’s “Journal of Accountancy”.

Kelen has over 15 years of progressive finance and accounting experience. He currently serves as an Accounting Policy Consultant with HP, Inc. in Dallas, TX. Most recently he was located in Budapest, Hungary on a three-year international assignment and served in the company’s Houston, TX location prior to this assignment. Prior to HP, he served in multiple accounting roles in the oil & gas industry with ConocoPhillips including technical accounting policy, SOX compliance, and internal audit. He also gained public accounting experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers, working with various clients in the energy, electric, power, gas, and utility sectors.

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Non-Member Price $67.00

Member Price $58.00