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Power Query: Get & Transform Data ON DEMAND

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Get & Transform Data is an Excel feature available within the newest versions of Excel. It is a business intelligence tool that allows you to retrieve data from a variety of sources, clean it and then transform or refine the data as needed. For example, you can import a database file, parse data, split or combine columns, change data types, group data and more. You can then take that transformed data back into Excel and analyze it using your preferred methods. What makes Get & Transform Data exciting is that Excel records all your steps so the data in the file can automatically be refreshed with Excel retrieving the source data, applying the same steps and updating the file for you. This is a huge time saver and will also reduce errors.


Recognize how to Combine and Append Tables or Files. Importing Data Basics. Importing a Text File and Transforming It. Query Settings. Appending Data. Unpivot.



Designed For

CPAs and other accounting, financial, and business professionals who want to extend their knowledge with Excel.


Recognize when to use the Get & Transform feature and how it works. Identify the different parts of Get & Transform Data feature. Identify and recognize how to clean and refine data using Get & Transform. Recognize different data types. Distinguish different methods of Joining tables together.






Leader Bios

Patricia McCarthy, Western CPE

Patricia McCarthy, MBA, is a partner at CFO Resources LLC, a company focused on training and courseware for CPAs. Her focus is on Microsoft products, particularly Excel, and how to use these programs effectively in business. She’s also certified as an MOS expert in Excel. Patricia has been in software training for over 20 years, and her client list includes the Indiana CPA Society, which awarded her its Outstanding Discussion Leader award.

She has been a contributor to the Journal of Accountancy and has published articles in several CPA society magazines, including societies in Indiana, Missouri, Texas, and Arizona.

Patricia is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross and also holds an MBA from Babson College. She was a full-time lecturer in Butler University’s School of Business for 6 years and has taught at several of Indiana’s other universities.

Patricia also has an extensive business background in audit and financial functions. She runs a blog called Chatting about Excel and More, and she writes self-study CPE courses on Microsoft Excel for Western CPE.

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Non-Member Price $67.00

Member Price $58.00