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While tax reform visions have changed the tax on profits realized from the disposition of real estate, investors still seek escape hatches from the capital gain tax. Tax-deferred exchanges permit the disposition of property often with the taxpayer receiving significant cash but without the payment of any tax. Functionally, an exchange is a bridge over the normally taxable event of moving from one property to another. This course alerts the practitioner to the different planning opportunities that surround exchanging. Participants will be able to identify, analyze, and handle effectively the complex tax problems that arise under 1031. This understanding will be directly applied to the structuring and audit survival of multi-party and delayed exchanges.


Introduction Section 1031. Statutory Requirements and Definitions. The Concept and Rules of “Boot”. Losses in an Exchange. Basis on Tax-Deferred Exchange. Depreciation, Cost Recovery, MACRS, and Recapture. Miscellaneous Exchange Aspects. Exchange Mechanics. Types of Exchanges. Delayed Exchanges. Warehousing and Pot Method. Accommodators and Intermediaries.



Designed For

CPAs, financial professionals, enrolled agents and attorneys.


Identify factors that determine the popularity of exchanging, specify tax law changes influencing exchange popularity and the impact of current capital gains rates, recognize the capital gain rate “baskets” and determine the tax treatment of assets in each category. Recognize the differences between exchanges and installment sales and the cost benefits of each, identify several advantages given to exchanging by recent legislation and specify continuing problems that can arise with an installment sale that can act as an impetus for using an exchange. Specify multiple tax benefits of exchanges and the advantages they create over installment sales and determine issues that can be resolved or facilitated by using a like-kind exchange, and more.






Leader Bios

Danny Santucci, Western CPE

Danny Santucci, BA, JD, is a prolific author of tax and financial books and articles. His legal career started with the business and litigation firm of Edwards, Edwards, and Ashton. Later he joined the Century City entertainment firm of Bushkin, Gaims, Gaines, and Jonas working for many well-known celebrities. In 1980, Danny established the law firm of Santucci, Potter, and Leanders in Irvine, California. With increasing lecture and writing commitments, Danny went into sole practice in 1995. His practice emphasizes business taxation, real estate law, and estate planning. Speaking to more than 100 groups nationally each year, he is known for spicing up his extensive expertise with an incredible sense of humor.

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Non-Member Price $419.00

Member Price $364.00