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Identity Theft and Protection ON DEMAND

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4.0 Credits

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Non-Member Price $133.00


Identity theft is a common type of fraud. Anyone can be targeted; from a household, business, to a nation. Identity theft impacts not just the victims, but their families, friends, employers, and the organizations involved. There is a need for better education and awareness regarding the threat of identity theft. This course explains what identity theft is and how federal laws protect victims of identity theft. It discusses how criminals steal identity and addresses common schemes they use. It also helps you recognize warning signs and identify methods that secure your identity. Finally, the course discusses how businesses and organizations protect personal information collected and respond to data breaches. Real-life cases and tips to protect yourself against.


Legal Protections against Identity Theft. Secure your Identity. Minimize Further Damage. How Business and Organizations Secure Personal Information. Implement a Prevention Program.



Designed For

CPAs and attorneys.


Recognize legislation that protects identity theft victims. Recognize how criminals commit acts of identity fraud. Identify ways you can help prevent and detect identity theft. Identify actions to take if you become a victim of identity theft. Recognize how businesses and organizations protect personal information collected.





Non-Member Price $133.00

Member Price $116.00