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The Overall Guide to Investing ON DEMAND

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12.0 Credits

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This course teaches you the securities market, the various types of investment securities (stocks, bond, options, futures, tax-advantaged investments, mutual funds, etc.), and the risk-return characteristics of each. It focuses on the principles and tools of investment analysis, asset allocation, portfolio selection and management. The course tells you what are available to invest in, the features of each type of investment, the advantages and disadvantages of each investment category, including global investing, and when a particular investment type might be suitable for you.


Getting Started as an Investor. Financial Markets. Investment Process. Return and Risk. Fundamental Analysis. Technical Analysis. Common Stocks and Preferred Stocks. Common Stock Valuation. Fixed Income Securities. Investing in Options. Future Contracts. Global Investing. Tax-Advantage Investments. Investing in Mutual Funds, Index Funds and ETFs. Diversification, Portfolio Construction, and Asset Allocation.



Designed For

CPAs, CFPs, and other business and finance professionals.


Differentiate between the different types of investments, financial versus real assets, direct versus indirect, and liquid versus illiquid. Identify the features and attributes of stocks and bonds, and the drawbacks and benefits of each. Recognize various aspects of securities and transactions. Identify advantages and disadvantages of buying stock on margin and selling stock short. Recognize the income and return on investments and how it is measured. Identify different investment risk factors and how they affect investment return. Identify the benefits and objectives of fundamental analysis of investments. Recognize key financial ratios and how they are applied, and more.





Non-Member Price $386.00

Member Price $336.00