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Common Invoice Problems: How to Deal with Them ON DEMAND

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As long as invoices remain a staple of the B2B billing and payment process, smart companies will do everything they can to reduce the number of headaches associated with them. What is interesting as we go through the list is that there are ways to greatly reduce or eliminate some of them. Companies just have to make the decision to do so and then stick to the regimen. Those routines are spelled out in this paper. In this course, industry expert Mary Schaeffer take a look some of the more common problems experienced by companies related to the invoice process and offers solutions on how best-practice companies can minimize these problems and, in some cases, eliminate them.


Invoice Delivery Methods. Slow Internal Invoice Approval. No Purchase Order Number or Name of Requisitioner. Invoices Sent to the Wrong Person or Place. Manual Data Entry Required. Duplicate Submission of Invoices. Invoices Missing Other Information. Second Invoices with Different Invoice Numbers. Addressing Other Invoice Challenges.



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CPAs, CFOs, controllers, financial professionals, and auditors.


Develop strong invoice handling processes to eliminate common invoice problems. Eliminate the problem of invoices without invoice numbers. Earn more of your early payment discounts. Identify strategies for dealing with second invoices with a different invoice number. Speed up the invoice approval process. Minimize the amount of manual data entry required when entering invoice data.






  • Mary Schaeffer, Western CPE

Non-Member Price $33.00

Member Price $29.00