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Financial Concepts and Tools for Managers ON DEMAND

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5.0 Credits

Member Price $145.00

Non-Member Price $167.00


Finance involves obtaining, using, and managing funds to achieve the company’s financial objectives (e.g., maximization of shareholder value). The course emphasizes and develops an understanding of financial concepts, tools, strategies, and major decision areas related to the financial management of the business. This course is directed toward the businessperson who must have financial knowledge but has not recently had training in finance.


The Basics. Budgeting and Financial Forecasting. Risk, Return, and Valuation. Determining Cost of Capital and Capital Structure Decisions. Short-Term Financing. Long-Term Debt and Stocks. Business Combinations and Reorganizations.



Designed For

CPAs, auditors, consultants, and financial and managerial professionals.


Recognize the goals of managerial finance. Identify the influence and concerns of financial managers. Identify depreciation methods and tax deductions. Recognize the elements of basic financial statements, including the balance sheet and the statement of cash flows. Differentiate between several financial analysis ratios. Calculate return on investment. Identify the different types of budgets an organization might need, and the steps required for budgeting. Recognize the steps in projecting external financial needs. Recognize the different ways to improve cash management. Identify when to use various cash management models to help reduce uncertainty, and more.





Non-Member Price $167.00

Member Price $145.00