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Accounts Payable Fraud Prevention Tactics: New & Ignored Established Control Practices ON DEMAND

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When it comes to fraud prevention, strong internal controls are front and center. They provide the very groundwork for fraud deterrence and prevention. And they are an integral part of every effective accounts payable function. What is surprising is that even though most organizations know what these practices are, they often choose to take shortcuts and ignore some of them. What’s more, they don’t stay constant, unfortunately. So, this means that internal controls need to be reviewed on a periodic basis. In this course, industry expert, Mary Schaeffer identifies frequently ignored internal control best practices. Mary also introduces new best practices, including those for the master vendor file.


Often Ignored Best AP Control Practices. New Best Practices that Tighten Controls. When Best Practices Are Lacking. The Master Vendor File Issues. New Master Vendor File Control Issue.



Designed For

CPAs, controllers, accountants, financing professionals, business owners, managers and others responsible for prevention, detection, or evaluation of potential fraud


Section Identify new control practices that will help stop fraud in accounts payable. Section Pinpoint problems likely to occur if strong control practices in AP are ignored. Section Delineate problems created by new types of fraud focused on the master vendor file. Section Reveal internal control practices for the master vendor file every firm should use to deter fraud. Section Show how poor controls make fraud more likely.






  • Mary Schaeffer, Western CPE

Non-Member Price $33.00

Member Price $29.00