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Creating an Accounts Payable Policy & Procedures Manual ON DEMAND

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Effective policies and procedures in the accounts payable function are critical for any organization wishing to eliminate duplicate payments, prevent and detect fraud, improve cost effectiveness, and maintain regulatory compliance. The first step in that battle is having a current, detailed policy and procedures manual. This course will help you create an effective manual that documents the organization’s policies and procedures and can be used as a reference and training guide. Industry expert Mary Schaeffer shows auditors, controllers, and managers how to create such a manual when none exists. She also includes an outline for a sample policy and a checklist that can be used to assess current policies and procedures.


The Role an Accounts Payable Policy and Procedures Manual Plays. Creating the Manual. Using the Manual. The Segregation of Duties Issue. Reviewing and Updating Your Policy and Procedures.



Designed For

CPAs, CFOs, controllers, financial professionals, and auditors.


Identify best practices for creating an accounts payable policy and procedures manual. Cite how an accounts payable policy and procedures manual strengthens controls. List what should and should not be included in the manual. Cite the segregation of duties requirements for the accounts payable function to be included in the policy and procedures manual, and more.






  • Mary Schaeffer, Western CPE

Non-Member Price $33.00

Member Price $29.00