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Excel Time Value of Money Functions for CPAs ON DEMAND

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Excel Time Value of Money Functions for CPAs uses practical examples to provide an overall understanding of time value of money concepts and to illustrate time value of money functions in Microsoft Excel. The course covers present and future values of both single sums and annuities as well as computing the rate, periodic payment, and number of periods in accounting and financial planning scenarios. Also included is the creation of an amortization table, Excel CUMIPMT and CUMPRINC functions, capital budgeting, and the use of data tables. Step by step instructions are provided; however the course does not include exercise files as the examples are simple and easy to recreate.


The Value of Money Concepts. Present Value of Single Sum. Future Value of Single Sum. Present Value Annuities. Future Value Annuities. Computing Periodic Rate. Annuities Due. Uneven Cash Flows and Capital Budgeting.



Designed For

CPAs and other business and finance professionals.


Identify time value of money concepts and Excel’s sign convention. Recognize the components and function arguments of Excel time value of money functions. Calculate the present value of a single sum, the future value of a single sum, the present value of annuities, and the future value of annuities. Calculate rate, number of periods, and payment. Calculate the cumulative interest payment for a time period and the cumulative principal paid for a period. Calculate internal rate of return and net present value. Recognize the use of data tables to analyze and calculate alternatives.






Leader Bios

Joseph Helstrom, Western CPE

Joseph Helstrom, CPA, is a partner at CFO Resources, LLC, a company focused on training and courseware for CPAs. He’s also the owner of Mill Creek Publishing LLC. Joe has over 30 years of experience as a CPA in both public accounting and industry, with extensive experience in financial reporting and analysis, treasury, tax, information technology, legal and regulatory matters, and strategic planning.

After graduation from Butler University with a degree in accounting, Joe got his start at Ernst & Young. Subsequent to that, he has served for several different companies as a chief financial officer; director of treasury and tax; controller; and manager of financial planning, reporting, and analysis.

Joe and his wife, Patricia McCarthy, produce self-study courses for Western CPE and have published articles in Missouri and Texas CPA society publications titled “Incorporating Excel Arrays into Your Audit Plan.”

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Non-Member Price $133.00

Member Price $116.00