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There are massive differences between the efficiency and effectiveness of average accounting departments and those that operate at a world-class level. The key difference is having a lean focus on how the operation is constructed and operated. The Lean Accounting Guidebook reveals how to restructure the department to take advantage of lean principles and catapult it into the realm of world-class organizations. This course reveals how to streamline the accounting department with over 150 improvement tips for billing, collections, cost accounting, fixed assets, payables, payroll, and more. You’ll find answers to many questions about lean accounting in this comprehensive course.


Overview of Lean Accounting. Lean Customer Billing. Lean Cash Receipts. Lean Accounts Payable. Lean Payroll. Lean Financial Statements. Lean Credit Management. Lean Collections. Lean Inventory Accounting. Lean Cost Accounting. Lean Fixed Asset Accounting. Lean General Ledger Environment. Lean Budgeting. Lean Filing. Lean Controls and Procedures.



Designed For

CPAs, CFOs, controllers, financial professionals, and auditors.


Cite the tools used to create a lean accounting system. Identify the techniques used to reduce billing problems. Note the steps in the processing of cash receipts. Cite the techniques used to streamline the processing of payables. Note the methods available for creating a leaner payroll process flow. Recognize the revisions used to accelerate the closing process.






Leader Bios

Steven Bragg, Western CPE

Steven M. Bragg, CPA, is a full-time book and course author who has written more than 70 business books. He provides Western CPE with self-study courses in the areas of accounting and finance, with an emphasis on the practical application of accounting standards and management techniques. A sampling of his courses include the The New Controller Guidebook, The GAAP Guidebook, Accountants’ Guidebook, and Closing the Books: An Accountant’s Guide. He also manages the Accounting Best Practices podcast.

Steven has been the CFO or controller of both public and private companies and has been a consulting manager with Ernst & Young and an auditor with Deloitte & Touche. He holds an MBA from Babson College, a Master of Finance from Bentley College, and a BA from the University of Maine (summa cum laude).

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Non-Member Price $419.00

Member Price $364.00