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IFRS In-Depth: Accounting Changes and Error Corrections ON DEMAND

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2.0 Credits

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This course presents an overview of IAS 8 Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors and discusses the IASB’s and FASB’s efforts towards achieving convergence in these areas of financial reporting.


Application Selection. Changes in Accounting Policies. The Use of Estimates. Changes in Accounting Estimates. Prior End Errors. Correcting Prior Period Errors. ASC 250 Accounting Changes and Error Corrections. IAS 8 and ASC 250.



Designed For

CPAs, CFOs, controllers, financial professionals, and auditors.


Properly classify accounting changes (i.e. changes in accounting policy, changes in accounting estimates, and error corrections) per the guidelines of IAS 8. Describe the recognition and disclosure requirements for each type of accounting change under IAS 8. Describe the similarities and differences between IFRS and U. S. GAAP in the area of accounting changes.






Leader Bios

Michael Walker, Western CPE

Michael J. Walker, CPA, is based in New England and has decades of accounting experience in the financial services, information technology services, and construction industries. He has an extensive technical accounting background that includes hands-on experience with U.S. GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). His expertise includes accounting for financial instruments, securitizations, and other banking products. He graduated from Bentley University with a BS in finance and an MS in accountancy.

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Non-Member Price $67.00

Member Price $58.00