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Expense Reporting Fraud and Abuse: Protect Your Company FLEXCAST

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Game playing with expense reports is a widespread problem which many organizations choose to ignore. This is unfortunate, for if ignored, it will only grow. Creativity when preparing an expense reimbursement request is not a desirable approach. Yet, from the numerous stories shared with the speaker by AP Now’s readers, that is precisely what is going on in many, many organizations. This course will start with a discussion of the magnitude of this issue and why every organization should take it seriously. We’ll then share the results of a recent study on what companies are requiring as far as receipts. The remainder of the session will focus on the different games some employees play when attempting to get reimbursed for more than they actually spent along with tactics you can use to stop this problematic behavior.


Common expense reporting issues. Expense reporting problems caused by the traveler. Expense reporting problems caused by the manger. Expense reporting issues that can be addressed if the detailed meal receipt is required. Best expense reporting practices roundup.



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CPAs and other accounting professionals.


Identify common expense reimbursement fraud schemes used by employees. Identify best practices for implementing strong controls to deter expense reimbursement fraud. Discover how to integrate IRS requirements into your organization’s T&E policy. Recognize characteristics of a tight expense reimbursement policy that will prevent misconceptions about your expense reimbursement policy.




This is a FlexCast (no exam required) and may be viewed only Monday - Saturday, 5am - 5pm PT. You may take up to one year from the date of purchase to complete the course. Pause your FlexCast and resume at a convenient day during the hours above. Partial credit for 2+ credit courses: If you are unable to complete the course in one sitting, partial credit can be awarded (minimum of one credit). To earn the remaining credits, you must return later and start the course from the beginning. Use chat to ask questions of a subject matter expert during the program.


  • Mary Schaeffer, Western CPE

Non-Member Price $56.00

Member Price $49.00