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Triple Your Memory, Prevent Dementia and Halve Your Stress - Part 1 WEBCAST


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This is not your average CPE course! In this fun and practical course, you’ll learn how to remember names, where you put things, what you read, or anything else 300% (or more) effectively than before. You will also learn how to prevent dementia and halve your stress by using exercises that take under two minutes a day to do. Additionally, you’ll receive information on ways to improve your memory by improving your overall health and wellness. This course will give you an overview of natural supplements to enhance your memory as well as share tips to improve your sleep. This course will change your life both now and in the future by making sure you know the best ways to remember information, handle stress and keep your mind sharp until the day you die. The information in this course to help increase your professional efficiency and improve your overall quality of life.


Why the brain can remember some things a hundred times better than others. Why we typically forget names and faces, and what can be done about it. How our emotions follow the motion of our body, and how that can be used to instill instant confidence. How to tap into a completely relaxed and/or confident state of mind in 10 seconds or less using advanced hypnotic conditioning and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques. How to prevent dementia and brain “fog” using specific supplements and exercise. How to stay motivated to use the methods outlined in this course to advance your career and achieve a higher quality of life. How to use the concept of constant learning to help you maintain a balanced and fulfilling.



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How to memorize names and faces more effectively. How to memorize reading material, facts, and even numbers 300% more efficiently than before. How to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s using the latest science. How to interrupt stress from building up in your body, and how to let go of it once it occurs.






Leader Bios

Jonathan Robinson, Workshops by Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson is an Associate with Frank Sanitate Associates. He is a psychotherapist, author, and professional speaker from Santa Barbara, California. Jonathan has reached over a million people around the world with his practical methods, and his work has been translated into 47 languages. Mr. Robinson has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey and other TV talk shows, CNN, and CNBC. Among his books are: Shortcuts to Bliss, Instant Insight: 200 Ways to Create the Life You Really Want and Communication Miracles for Couples. His specialty is teaching people simple techniques that can have a profound impact on the quality of their life. He has an M.A. and an M.F.C.C.

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Non-Member Price $159.00

Member Price $129.00