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Aligning Analytics to COSO's Fraud Risk Management Principles WEBCAST


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1.0 Credits

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In this course, participants will learn about the five principles of COSO’s Fraud Risk Management Guide and the linkages each principal has to the use of forensic data analytics to measurably demonstrate effectiveness and ROI. We will also explore key elements to a successful program that is sustainable as well as pitfalls to avoid. Finally, we will cover several case studies that demonstrate the key concepts discussed.


COSO Fraud Risk Management Guide. Aligning data analytics considerations to an effective fraud risk management program. How to implement and sustain an effective forensic data analytics program as part of an effective fraud risk management and compliance program.



Designed For

CPAs, CFEs, and internal auditors.


Understand COSO’s five fraud risk management principles. Understand the linkages between COSO and the use of data analytics. Learn practical use cases to measurable demonstrate analytics success. Understand risks and pitfalls to avoid in implementing your data analytics program. Discuss practical case studies that bring the concepts to practical use.






  • Vince Walden, BPN Inc

Non-Member Price $59.00

Member Price $39.00